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Politics: No Party is Your Party.


As elections come and go and incessant debating floods the airwaves about the latest policy or bill proposal the disturbing truth remains that your political identification is irrelevant.

Voting has always given people the option to choose an elected representative from an already chosen pool of representatives that are integrated into the political and financial elite. This means that at the outset these candidates are in contrast to the voting public. Congress is overwhelmingly comprised of wealthy well educated lawyers and fraught with political legacies. While these things aren’t nefarious in and of themselves they do elucidate the strange demographic makeup of our elected officials, they typically are not like us.

However, the “us” elects them and they continue to come from strata unbecoming of the common man. It is no wonder we are not administered policies that appear to have great effect on us, the lobbying and special interests are unequivocally moneyed. It is not for the common man to hold office, it is a near impossibility to come into the national political arena without the backing of affluent companies or institutions with a history of supporting one party over another.

It is for this reason that the bellyaching about left or right is not valid, they serve the same interests in the end. People have come and still come to blows over political party affiliations. Yet, this affiliation is usually rooted in nothing more than a simple assertion that one is this or one is that, there is no greater political acuity in most voters; which is why they still vote.

Voting for a lesser of two evils as an act of civic duty and participation belies the corrupt infrastructure that keeps people from voting between the greater of two goods.


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