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Society: What’s your pill?

big-pharma-tropical-disesase - Copy

What’s your pill? Is it a form of indulgent entertainment, drugs, sex, or some other potential vice? These things may not be bad in moderation, or even at all. However if you go to something daily to keep you from facing the rest of the day or to delay the coming of tomorrow you may be holding a pill. Not a plastic little pill, but a social tranquilizer. A good or service used to dope you down to an amicable fool. Something you feel you need every day just to deal with the day. You may tell yourself you enjoy it or that it is your right to continue to do it because it bothers no one else but those are the easiest and emptiest arguments one can field to rationalize behavior. We do not address the why’s of our situations only the how’s. How do I feel better? How do I look pretty? How do I feel wanted?

Luckily there are many options available to give you relief from these difficulties but none them are rooted in yourself. None of them ask you for an honest evaluation. Maybe depression isn’t always a brain problem, maybe its the result of a trying and draining job, an abusive relationship, or a sense of purposelessness.

We cannot be so daft as to believe that all is well as long as we take this pill or that. The supreme joy of working cannot be this citizens ailment, it must be in his brain if his body is sound, write him a prescription for opiates. This one isn’t dying from exposure to toxic substances, their body is fragile and given to cancer and exotic diseases so let us cure them with more chemicals.

The difference between a pill and a passion is remembrance. People do not forget what they are passionate about, they almost always forget what they find trivial. Stop and think some time this week about what you’ve done with your free time. What do you remember?

It is not what we say we feel, it is what we do that best illustrates our feelings. Then again, maybe we just forget about all the things we enjoy.


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