Alone: Do not let them die alone…


We all know one of them, the people who are lost. The ones perhaps unable to distract themselves from reality. They are crying out in silence to anyone willing to listen, anyone willing to acknowledge them at a time when they have started the dark process of no longer acknowledging themselves. It is not your duty to reinvigorate them through companionship nor partake in the inevitable fellowship that follows from genuine concern for another. However, we challenge you to do it, we challenge you to relieve yourself of the hesitations of reaching out to another and perform this deed for the sake of the action itself. Embrace what it means to them and halt your own comfort for that moment required to lock eyes with them.

If you can muster the courage to do so, you will begin to enter the ranks of those gifted enough to overcome their own insecurities to give security to another.

Even more triumphant is the one who comes to terms with their darkness and longing and reaches out to others to cure their own malady. Becoming the person they had desperately hoped to meet, resolving to remove the  bars of their own prison, these are among the ones who will change things for the better.


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